Centaur Books offers traditional publishing contracts. Unlike self-publishing companies, we do not accept all books. Centaur Books has a brand that is known for quality, professional writing. We are very protective of our authors and will not accept manuscripts that do not meet our standards. These contracts are for when we strongly like a title and know we can help the author to achieve success.

Specializing in fiction, Centaur Books is dedicated to helping first-time and seasoned authors in their writing careers. If you ever wrote a book, you know that getting published is very difficult. In today’s marketplace, authors, especially first-time ones, are confronted with “self-publishing” companies that are really vanity presses in disguise. While choosing that route may very well be a means to getting published, a writer’s reputation is tarnished by association with companies whose main goal is to charge your credit card rather than read your book. That is why Joshua Tree Publishing started Centaur Books.

Centaur Books does the following for every book we publish:

  • Offer royalty rates are some of the most competitive in the industry and are based on the retail prices – 13% on the first 1,000 print books, 20% thereafter; we pay 50% on the net received from wholesalers on ebooks (we use net since the amount received varies from various vendors, unlike printed revenue which is based on retail price)
  • We do not ask for “non-book” rights like TV and film
  • Copyedit, proofread, and publish your book in print and as an ebook
  • Create a metadata sheet whose information is distributed to book databases worldwide
  • 10 free copies sent to you, within a month of your publication date being set
  • Promote your book online via Centaur Books social media
  • Promote your book online via Centaur Books newsletters to retailers, foreign publishers, and consumers to encourage orders and rights deals
  • We offer you the opportunity to trade-marketing programs such as IBPA Marketing Programs, Publishers Weekly, Ingram catalogue,NetGalley
  • We can help by designing and hosting an author’s website through our digital media company at a reasonable price.