Centaur Books

Based in Chicago, Centaur Books is an independent imprint from Joshua Tree Publishing, a traditional publisher. Specializing in fiction, Centaur Books is dedicated to helping first-time and seasoned authors in their writing careers.

We have thirty-seven years of expertise and experience in publishing directories, books, and newspapers. We invest in our authors by providing access to our experts—while our authors concentrate on writing books. Publishing a book is a process. We guide our authors through that process, asking for their input at every stage. Our goal is to produce a book that professionally reflects the author’s vision for their book.

But we do not stop there. We help the authors with promoting their books. We provide book signing and exhibiting opportunities at the premier book events, such as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, U.S. Book Show by Publisher’s Weekly, American Library Association Conference, and other book festivals in the U.S. We provide help and information on book stores, social media outlets, and alternative sources where authors can market their books. We design and host websites for authors and their books. We remain committed to our authors and their success. Because if they aren’t successful, we aren’t.

If you really want to develop a writing career, we encourage you to submit your work to Centaur Books where We Believe in Authors.