So, you want to be a writer!

Patricia Ploss-Centaur Books
Patricia Ploss-Centaur Books

So, you want to be a writer! Many of us have this dream, and some of us make it an actual goal. Getting your dream turned into a goal—and becoming the writer you want to be—can be filled with obstacles that you might need help navigating 

With this weekly blog, I’ll be sharing advice, tips, and suggestions that hopefully will assist you in your writing process.

Each of us has inspiration to become a writer, woven from the events, situations, and the passage of time in our lives.

You might have a significant event that completely changed the trajectory of your life that you wish to share with others. Perhaps to explain how you dealt with something and offer advice to others in similar situations, an easier way, or better way, to resolve whatever the issue(s) are.

That might become a self-help book, or a guidebook. Or it could be something written in a diary type form, or journal. 

Maybe you did well in English or writing classes in school, and you were told you had potential as a writer. And you’ve thought about it for a long time but have no real idea of how to begin.

With these things being said, I am going tell a bit of my story of becoming a writer.

All my life, I can recall my mother’s friends telling me I should be a writer. I would write letters to some of these family friends, and they would respond, telling me that it sounded like a story—and it made them laugh, cry, or whatever emotion I expressed in my letters.

In high school, I took a creative writing class and while I enjoyed it and did well in the class, I didn’t pursue it beyond high school.

Over the course of many years, many jobs, growth, and changes in my personal life, I still didn’t take any classes, or try to write an actual story about anything. The thought to do it was always in the back of my mind, but I had no idea where to start.

Then, once my kids were grown and I found myself with some time on my hands, I found an online school that offered several different courses. I started with Personal Style. It was exciting. I learned a lot, did projects, and earned a certificate. Then I tried the Event Planning course they offered. I learned that I did NOT want to be an event planner very quickly! Once I earned that certificate, the school then offered a Creative Writing course. I couldn’t wait to sign up!

Most all of what I was taught, I already seemed to know, on one level or another. I did learn some things I didn’t know, and I was encouraged by my professor to seek a publisher for a particular story I’d written that happened to be a true story.

Finding a publisher can be daunting! I was told that I could send out twenty inquiries and get twenty rejects! It can be a humbling experience. You’re at an advantage, as you’ve found Centaur Books already! As the adage goes: You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Through a published writer, I made a few phone calls and connected with John Paul Owles, the publisher at Joshua Tree Publishing. He liked the story I had written and from there, he published my first book and another three since then over the last three years. The way it happened for me was not in any way, shape or form, the way I ever fantasized that my writing career would happen! I encourage you to not give up and be open to diversity. 

I say to you, as a burgeoning author, write your story, whatever it is. You know you’ve wanted to for however long it’s been in your mind. Get it on paper, online, and submit it. You don’t know unless you try. 

For all the years I’d thought about writing and never did, I was astounded that my dream became a reality, and my goal to write more books has taken me even further. 

Please join me next time when I’ll write more about the process, inspiration, and motivation. 


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