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Based in Chicago, Joshua Tree Publishing is an innovative publisher dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. Not tomorrow. Not next year. But today. We specialize in works that uplift the human spirit, inspire people to reach for higher goals, and touch the hearts of readers.

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Los Angeles Times Book Prizes 2013 Robert Kirsch Award: from left to right: David L. Ulin, Book Critic of LA Times; winner Kevin Starr; Johnathan Kirsch, presenter.
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Submission Guidelines

Centaur Books is a traditional publisher dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. Not tomorrow. Not next year. But today.

At Centaur Books, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals by using cutting-edge technology and a network of experts in the fields of editing, page layout, cover design, marketing, and printing to make your book a success. With 29 years of experience, Joshua Tree Publishing knows how to publish books. Let us make your dream of being a published author a reality.

How Long Does the Submission Process Take?
Because every author and book are different, we actually read the book and materials you submit. After the initial contact with your Query Letter, we usually ask for the first three chapters within a week. Once we have received that file, we will begin to review it for formatting, word count, style, flow, etc. If we do not find any problems with the file, we will try to have a response back to an author in two weeks, asking for the entire book and other material. After two more weeks, we will provide the author with a decision whether we want to publish the book.

The Process of Getting Published

Query Letter:
The first step in the process of being published by Centaur Books is to send us a Query Letter by email. The first paragraph must grab our attention. Why should we publish this book? Who is your target audience? How are you going to reach them? Be concise. Include your contact information. The Query Letter should be sent to:

Submission Request:
If we like your Query Letter, we are going to ask you to send us the first three chapters of the book by email attachment in Word. Please be prompt in your response.

First Three Chapters:
If we like the first three chapters, we may request an outline of the complete book, the entire manuscript in Word, and a Marketing Plan.

Our Review of Your Entire Book:
Your manuscript will be reviewed in a timely manner. We want to publish books which we feel can be successful for both the author and our company. As we review your book, we might ask for subsequent material or request answers to specific questions. We take this process very seriously.

If after reviewing your manuscript and marketing plan, we feel that we can provide you with an excellent chance at success, we will send you by email an Acceptance Letter. The letter will congratulate you on providing us a wonderful product to publish and will request some additional information so an agreement can be reached.

Because every author and book are different, we offer contracts which are specifically designed for your work. We will negotiate with you to reach an agreement that is both fair and equitable for both of us. We are looking for long term relationships with our authors and that is why we have this process. We look forward to working with our authors.