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Love's Scorpion





Author: Ian Krye

13-Digit ISBN: 978-1-941049-28-0

Specs: 6" x 9" Perfect Bound; 238 Pages

Publication Date: September 6, 2014

Retail Price: $17.95

Love's Scorpion is a psychological thriller set on the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle, the island of Key West, and aboard a luxurious sailing yacht. Dr. Dennis Dent, a womanizing, alcoholic, overly-sarcastic psychotherapist tells the story of his most disturbed patient, Glen, a sociopathic killer who is haunted by the demons of his childhood. Glen's horrific life of murder, self-exploration, and agony tangles with Dent's disastrous personal life and professional practice. As Glen's story unfolds, revealing unthinkable horrors that tore apart his childhood and left him incapable of believing in good, we discover that his agony mirrors much of society's frustration with the never-ending quest to find love while battling the remnants of our past. The thrilling climax finds the worlds of Dent and his patient colliding in a violent torrent of depravity, resolution, and ultimate justice.

Ian Krye

Ian Krye is an avid sailor, pilot, and self-proclaimed Lover of Life.  Most weekends will find him aboard his sailboat, Carpe Ventum, in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to creating fascinating tales of psychological intrigue with colorful and intricate characters, his professional life is spent as a civil servant of the U. S. Department of Defense. If it flies or floats, he probably loves it, and if it comes from a still in Tennessee, he probably drinks it.

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